some life tips from experts

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Your employer doesn’t give a damn about you. Find says to create other income streams as soon as possible

Take calculated risks. Playing it safe never made anyone rich.

Train yourself to “take action”. Waiting for the perfect moment will put a halt on your success.

Stop caring about what others think of you. No one will ever have your dreams.

Most degrees are the worst investments. If you have to, invest in mentorship or things that pay you.

Work few hours per day. Spend most of your time improving your money systems to make more.

Avoid debts that don’t pay you. Only take out debt if it’s the only way out of a problem.

Your 9-5 will never make you rich. Grow an online brand to replace it.

Master sales. It’s the only skill that you’ll never go hungry with.

Ignore haters and naysayers. They are full of negativity and hate.

Invest most of your money into self-education. “self education is the best education”.

Master the art of self-discipline. Get up early, work long hours, and deal with your problems head-on.

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