website 101 / basics for startups

person writing on white paper on white table

your website should have answers to the following

what do you do – services / products you offer and what is your prospective audience

what is the cost ? if the cost depends on the customization , please explain how the costs are calculated

if you have screenshots of the product / service – a before and after – it will be very nice

building credibility through social media – post guest posts on blogs of others , or better yet – publish your own blogs on sites like linkedin , twitter , instagram or where else the audience is

if you have a blog on your own website and post it regularly , you can publish it automatically via tools available

do cold calling – reaching out to someone for the first time – this will improve your pitching skills and overcome the objections for your next sale

give a free demo of products – not all the features – just enough to get interest

followup with people via emails , chats , phone calls

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