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you know , recession , the thing that keeps coming every 7 to 8 years and takes away jobs .. it will not affect you anymore if you take our courses …

please have a look at the courses that can help you :

course 1 : trade in stocks , commodities and currencies using technical analysis  ………….. contents

lost your job during the recession or need to make extra money on the side ? use our technical analysis course to trade in stocks , commodities , currencies  ( anywhere in the world – using any broker – zerodha , robinhood , etrade , monzo , n26 , revolut , anything )

course 2 : eliminate your biggest expense – housing – from your first job till marriage …..contents

housing is the biggest expense for people just starting with their careers – our course will show you how you can live for almost free till marriage

course 3 : a course for couples getting married or just married  ……….. contents

research has shown that almost all newly married couples fight over money .. this course will improve the financial compatibility between the two for a happier married life

course 4 : how to get rid of your credit card debt and stay debt free forever … learn the insider secrets …..contents

the biggest hole you will ever get into regards your wealth is credit card debt .. this course will take you out of that deep hole and keep you afloat … some insider secrets to help you get the best interest rates on home and car loans .. it will help you improve your credit score ( called fico score in usa , cibil score in india , something else in other countries )

course 5 : how to start and run your own business….

  • starting with the idea of the business — what kind of business do you want to run 
  • marketing and advertising online for your business
  • operations – how to run your business
  • how to grow and scale your business – get the systems going so that the business can run without you .. products make you money but systems make you rich
  • growing beyond your dreams – the various models – franchising , syndication 
  • measure the various critical points of the business ( what gets measured gets managed – peter drucker )
  • plan the exit strategy – selling out to a bigger player , going public .. always plan the exit before the entry 

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