after doing this course , you will never fall into the debt trap again .. it will help you build your emergency funds , so that you never have to use your credit card again for emergencies like car repair

the biggest obstacle to wealth building today is debt , especially credit card debt

with people getting into retail therapy for drowning their sorrows , they are getting into a hole , which gets deeper and deeper

it all starts with a free offer of an airline ticket or a trip to paradise and ends up binding you up in chains .. even in the free offer , there are certain clauses attached .. eg if the airline tickets are free , the stay is not included .. always read the fine print

the banks target those customers who are not earning much because those are the most profitable customers for the banks / credit card issuers ..

in this course , we will show you how you can slowly reduce and then ultimately eliminate your credit card balance / debt to zero

also will show you what is credit score ( fico score ) and how to improve it

the credit score decides what you can afford and at what interest rates …

you will also have control over your money .. and believe us , it is a very powerful feeling .. being in charge of it