this course assumes that you have no prior knowledge of trading or technical analysis . it starts from the absolute basics and slowly builds on the concepts .. part of the knowledge you will gain from the theory and then you will also learn when you start trading – with a demo account or actual money .. we won’t lie – don’t keep the expectations too high from day 1 – you will make some mistakes and are likely to lose money on some trades … it is all part of the learning curve

but as they say , no pain , no gain .. right ?

what is technical analysis ?

the various types of charts – line, bar and candlestick

the various types of trades (long and short)

the various types of candlesticks

candlestick group patterns       

candlestick continuation patterns

candlestick reversal patterns


moving averages – which ones to use

what is golden cross

what is death cross

oscillators – stochastics, relative strength indicator (rsi)

macd – moving average convergence and divergence

bollinger bands

fibonacci levels – the levels from which the prices retract / bounce off

support and resistance

gaps – gap up and gap down – what they mean and why are they filled

trend lines – what are they and how to spot trends – moving up , down or in a range ?

trend lines  – how to draw them

how to make money in any direction – up , down or any range ?

how to control your emotions

rules of money management

always trade with a stop loss

how to use a stop loss to limit losses

how to use a stop loss to protect profits when the trade is moving in your direction

how to decide when enough profit is enough .. don’t get too greedy , get carried away by emotions or take another trade just because you are feeling confident – you are likely to lose / give away your profits ..

don’t invest in something you don’t understand .. if something seems too complicated to understand, it is a trap to get your money

brokerages around the world

common terms

what is margin money?

what is market price order?

what is a limit price order?

what is a stop loss?

what is positional trading ?

what is swing trading ?

where to find the values of all commodities, currencies, economic news, investing

common traps and how to spot them …

good habits – maintain a trading journal – list of trades taken – should have date , short of long , why did you take that trade , stop loss ,risk reward ratio , target , profit loss – preferable excel

please leave yesterday’s trades behind .. start each day .. fresh ..

study the trend .. this takes some practice