it is proven that the most fights between couples is over money. One is a saver and the other is a free spender . Or god forbid, both are spenders. How to make sure that you have sufficient money left towards at the end of the month

how to keep track of your finances ( financial tools ) , track where your money is going

the most important discussion between couples – what debt they are carrying , how to reduce and get rid of it

budgeting – how to decide which categories and how much to spend

where to invest for short term ( 5 years or less ) , medium term ( 5 to 10 years ) and long term goals ( more than 10 years )

how and where to invest for kids education and retirement goals

If you are planning on financial freedom and early retirement ( in your thirties , forties , fifties ) – how to plan for it ( we have a separate course for this )

the importance of insurance – what types should you have and what should be the coverage

how to earn extra money from side gigs and where to invest them

which stock market investments to invest in and where to find them ( we have a separate stock trading course for this )

the importance of an emergency fund and how much should this amount be

earning extra money through other means – a side business , stock trading , trading in commodities and currencies ( we have separate courses that covers these topics)

how to reduce your expenses to the bare bones

the difference between good debt and bad debt

how to get rid of your credit card debt

is retail therapy ruining you – you spend money on things you don’t want when you are upset , with money you don’t have ( putting the bills on credit cards)

what is a credit score and how to improve it

planning for a family – how the expenses shoot up after having a child

the cost of raising a child in india – from birth to education

how to use credit cards wisely ( for cash back , hotel and airplane rewards) – pay the entire bill amount at the end of the month

how to understand credit card interest rate ( and not get trapped by a free headphone or an airline ticket / holiday offer).

the importance of a financial advisor – always consult one

what your investments should be like – at various stages of your life – it depends on your risk taking capability – there is no one advice that fits all , it will vary from person to person

robo-advisors – a new invention of financial technology – automatic investments based on your risk taking capacity – could they replace the one to one interaction with your financial advisor ?