lessons from the corporate world as per experts …

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Always work at 50–75 % of your total potential because you aren’t getting paid for 100% either.

No reason on Earth is worth a fight/clash with your boss while you are working under him/her

Never ever disclose your future plans of switching the firm with any employee of that firm no matter how good ‘Friends’ you both are.

If you can give your 75% to a project make sure to give another 5% to make sure people know about your contribution especially your seniors.

Always treat all the office boys and security guards with your utmost respect.

Never try to prove your client wrong or find faults in their processes. They are paying for your services so always be diplomatic.

Never stay in a firm for too long as you will start getting undervalued. Plan your career & negotiate your salary and perks wisely.

Nothing pays more in your career than having excellent interpersonal skills & having hold of a couple of relevant technical skills.

Never stop learning and keep updating your technical skills.

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