some good morning habits to follow

ocean waves at sunset

Clean your side of bed, fold your blanket, and arrange pillows as soon as you wake up, so that you make it clear to your subconscious mind that night and rest are over.

Never forget to wash your face in the morning; it wakes up your mind.

Thank God for whatever you have, especially health. This way, you will also remember what you have. Gratitude.

Listen to soft music for a few minutes; it will calm you down and generate positive vibes.

Think about the most important tasks scheduled for the day and aim to complete them.

A few minutes of meditation. In simple words, closing your eyes and thinking about nothing and focusing on your breath.

A short yet brisk walk followed by a little exercise energizes your body and pushes it to action.

Greet the people you love by a kiss on forehead, a hug, or some nice words. Make them happy and loved.

Think about your goals in life; tell yourself that you will give your best.

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