some good life tips as per experts

1. Eat breakfast – This can give you the energy you need to start the day and can even boost your metabolism.

2. Drink water – Hydrating your body can keep you energized, healthy and can even prevent you from getting sick.

3. Take breaks – Taking regular breaks throughout the day can help improve concentration and boost productivity.

4. Stretch – Stretching helps keep your muscles loose and improves circulation.

5. Practice gratitude – Practicing gratitude and counting your blessings can help keep you from focusing on the negative.

6. Unplug – Turning off electronics, such as TVs and computers, can help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

7. Go outside – Taking a few moments to enjoy the outdoors can be refreshing and energizing.

8. Get organized – Being organized can help reduce stress and can improve efficiency in all areas of life.

9. Set goals – Setting goals and actively striving to achieve them can be rewarding and keep you motivated.

10. Save money – Staying on a budget and putting money aside can give you peace of mind and improve your financial security.

11. Keep a planner – Writing down your tasks, errands and activities in a planner can help keep you on track and can be an effective time management tool.

12. Connect with family – Quality time spent with family can help strengthen relationships and give you a greater sense of happiness.

13. Laugh – Taking time to have fun, whether with friends or through an activity, can lift your spirits and brighten your day.

14. Prioritize sleep – Getting adequate sleep is important for overall wellbeing, both physical and mental.

15. Exercise – Exercise can release endorphins and keep your body healthy, helping to maintain overall wellbeing.

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