two good books to read …

blur book stack books bookshelves

ideas are the only currency – rod judkins … this book talks about a career where the skills get outdated every 5 to 10 years .. what should students focus on currently to future proof their career …

you will likely have programs in artificial intelligence that will code for you once you give them a set of instructions any programming language .. this will make the task of the traditional programmer redundant .. what will you then ?

die empty by todd henry this book talks about how people should share their knowledge with the world before they die .. don’t die taking your knowledge with you … share it with the rest of the world .. share your lessons with people around you .. via various methods .. blogs , websites , books , anyway possible ..

have a to do list before you die – a bucket list if you will … before i kick the bucket , i would like to …… < fill in the blanks > .. eg write a book , learn to cook , learn to play the guitar ,.. see the seven wonders of the world .. travel .. whatever

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