warren buffet and mark cuban agree that this is the best investment that you can make

when warren buffet started out his career , every time he would be asked to speak at a public event , he would puke before it ..

then he did a course in public speaking from the carnegie institute .. then he would request omaha university to let him speak at events .. that is how he got better at public speaking

take the time out to develop your skills .. learn how to sell .. what people are looking for .. then the world is your oyster…

mark cuban , the current owner of the nba basketball team , dallas mavericks , agrees that working on your skills is the best investment ever ..

he has started and runs many companies and appeared as a judge on the show – the shark tank

he owns two private jets – one for the team to be transported for matches and another , his own

time is a commodity that nobody can create out of thin air – we all have the same 24 hours .. how you use it is upto you

sir richard branson , of virgin businesses fame , has said – i never did my own laundry or grocery shopping – someone else handled these mundane tasks for me – i was concentrating on businesses , generating money and utilizing the time in most efficient manner that i could

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