try using these simple money techniques

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first , visualize that you have ample amount of money .. all that you need for surviving and your fixed expenses like car , home , insurance , fuel payments

multiply these amount six times – that should be your emergency fund to begin with – slowly increase it to 3 years worth

get rid of credit card debt – this is one hole where you can never get out of

learn to find new ways to make money – constantly keep learning – learn to start a new small business , trade in the stock market , learn new financial skills

start a side hustle on sites like ,

constantly keep investing your money .. if you can invest 50 % of more of your income in a long term plan in the stock market , maybe you can retire early – in your late 30’s or early 40’s

have some fun as well , don’t be a dull person

learn to find help in the form of financial advisors – fee only types – who make money from advising you and not from commission on products they sell you

protect yourself and your family with proper insurance – health , term life insurance , so that you don’t bankrupt yourself in case of a health emergency

if you have a goal , write it down somewhere and look at it everyday – if you need money for it , divide the time needed to achieve that goal into smaller chunks – years , months , weeks , days – that way you know how much you have to save to achieve that goal

read books daily – this will improve your knowledge

collect coins and deposit them in your bank – don’t keep them loitering around in a piggy bank … that is just insulting money , you never know when the coins get discolored and lose their value or there is a currency demonetization – your currency is not valid anymore

respect money by maintaining it properly in your wallet / purse – store them in the order of descending order of bill amounts

use digital software like financial technology ( eg perfios , personal capital , mint ) to keep track of where your money is flowing .. fintech software let you keep track of your net worth – assets ( savings accounts , brokerage account , stock market retirement accounts – 401(k) minus liabilities ( eg credit card debt ) )

a lot of these features are now part of digital banks like monzo , n26 , etc

invest in the stock market from tax advantaged accounts – these vary from country to country – the financial advisors can guide you on this – but the gains remain and grow tax free till retirement – if you don’t pay the tax man for 40 years , it can mean a big difference between a large and a small amount

stay invested in the stock market via sip – systematic investment plan – a regular amount every month , don’t skip this .. no matter what happens

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