the bad news continues .. france , usa and germany report a record number of new covid 19 cases

france , germany and usa reported a record number of new covid 19 cases over the last 2 days ..

as a result of this , there are new restrictions being imposed on restaurants , bars , cinemas

boeing , the aircraft manufacturer is going to cut 7,000 jobs due to low demand for new planes …no one is travelling

with no stimulus deal in usa before the elections , the markets are in a freefall … how do these politicians even justify their salaries ?

asia , europe and now the usa fell today at the fastest rate since june , dow jones closed almost 950 points in the red .. the sea of red likely to continue for the rest of the week …

even with joe biden as the new president , the stimulus will be coming only in january 2021 and be likely a big one , since they would have now both houses – the lower house and the upper house ..

so liberal tax and spend continues .. will likely cause a free fall in the us dollar .. buy precious metals and bitcoin and other digital currencies for make hay while the sun shines 🙂

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