how the rich people think – a funny example

if you know manhattan , in the center of new york , it is an upscale island with expensive residences and even more expensive parking garages ..

rockefeller , the billionaire oil magnate of the early 1920’s was once in new york and went to a bank for a small personal loan ..

naturally , the bankers asked for a collateral .. ( which means that that rockefeller needed to keep something of value with the bank )

rockefeller said , no problem .. he left his expensive car with the bank and left

three months later , he came back paid off the loan with interest and collected the car

when the entire transaction was done and cleared , the bankers were curious as to why a billionaire came to a bank in manhattan for a small loan

his reply was .. parking in manhattan is expensive and unsafe .. where else could he find a safe and in-expensive parking for such a small amount ?

this is how the rich people think – creatively

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