can apple build a new advertising revenue model like facebook ?

apple has arguably a great product base – it’s offerings from ipod to iphone , ipad to mac have been nothing short of , as steve jobs would put it , “insanely great “ .. while the current ceo , tim cook , may not be steve jobs , he does not have to be .. the markets that did not exist five years ago are there today – netflix , streaming services , 5g could be a game changer

so , here is the thing .. can apple emulate the facebook advertising model ? maybe ios 14 is the first step towards killing facebook ?

let’s see .. it can

with apple tv , apple music , it could insert small display ads for various products – like snapchat does

content , as they say , is king .. tik tok came from nowhere in 5 years to be a competitor to you tube

so , are we going to see the 2 trillion dollar market-cap company become a 10 trillion dollar market-cap company ? with the coming fall in the us dollar and some new revenue model streams , you never now …

secretly , apple has been studying on facebook’s revenue model , this was evident when mark zuckerberg asked his executive team to switch to android phones some time ago

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