a question smart business people always ask before getting into something ..

what is the downside for this ?

what is the lowest amount of risk involved ?

how can we minimize the risk and maximize the output – revenue ?

they try to increase their share of the revenue – by offering a guarantee – no results , no pay and find alternative methods of getting paid – as a share of the revenue / profits generated

eg for the movie – twins – the actors arnold schwarzenegger  and danny devitto along with the director came up with a deal for the studio – they will do the movie for free but take a cut ( around 37 % ) of the revenues generated from the film

— guess what .. it is arnold’s most profitable deal ever … it is still paying

arnold just plays a dumb guy on screen – he has a degree in business management and earns a lot from real estate

even before he signed his first movie , he was a millionaire , thanks to real estate … he bought and sold many multi- unit apartment buildings …

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