how to accomplish more in life

  • plan your day ahead … what will be your to do list – the three most important things that you would want to accomplish that day
  • meditate for 10 – 15 mins in the morning .. just concentrate on your breathing .. let your mind wander if it wants to .. just bring it back to the breathing
  • work for 90 minutes and then take a 15 minute break .. during the 90 minute work time , no emails , no distractions , put your phone on the airplane mode
  • turn notifications off .. on all your devices – tablet , phone , computer
  • during the 15 minute break , don’t check the phone – no social media , email , etc
  • get off facebook .. you will be happier
  • read more , watch less tv – the lesser ads you watch , the lesser your wants
  • the more you read , the smarter you will be .. topics can be somethings that interest you , work related or moving up in your career
  • shop less .. when you do shop , do it for quality things that last longer …
  • save 50 % or more of your income and invest it for the long term .. you can achieve earlier retirement and then do what you like doing
  • have yearly , quarterly , weekly , daily goals …
  • all work and no play makes you dull .. take mini vacations .. all around the year .. could be a long weekend .. plan your year ahead with the holidays schedule .. bookings made 1 year in advance are a lot cheaper than a last minute thing …
  • be grateful .. for what you have and what you are getting .. the advertising world wants you to focus on the new toys .. want you to keep buying the latest doo-daah – phone , car , home , whatever .. and then once you have that , they want you to buy the next one and the next … there is really no end to it
  • exercise daily for some time – walking , jogging , running , whatever
  • get some sun daily .. it is an essential tool for your body .. the vitamin d …does good
  • after dinner or lunch , walk for 30 minutes if you can , don’t just go back to sitting on your desk
  • if you can accomplish just 3 things everyday , that is 3 x 365 = 1095 things that you have achieved in the year …
  • don’t go after the trappings of a bigger house , the highest end car .. you will only be a slave to the banks for a lot longer … go for affordability and practicality .. watch less tv .. read more .. stay away from social media ..

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