how to improve creativity

it is said that left handed people are more creative .. the reason is that they use more of their right half of the brain

so, to improve your creativity , you could do that – start using more of the left hand …

also , the following help

  • meditation – concentrate on your breathing , initially for 15 minutes , then 30 minutes ..
  • exercise – gym , zumba , aerobics – anything to increase endorphins , the pain killers
  • have a work start and stop cycle – work for 90 minutes non-stop without any distractions , take a 15 minute break and then go back to the task .. during that 15 minutes break , let your mind refresh – stay away from the phone
  • turn audio notifications off for all your devices – email , computer , cell phone , tablet – for emails , just have a visual notification – eg outlook displays a yellow symbol when new email has arrived
  • divide your day into sections – the most productive tasks to be done when you are fully alert and at your best
  • emails to be answered just after lunch when the body is digesting food and your body is not fully alert
  • have a to-do list for the next day , week , month , quarter , the year ready – and keep ticking off the items as and when they are done
  • at the end of the day , list the things that you could tick off from that day’s list
  • some people are early morning persons , so do the things that require full attention at that time
  • some people are night owls , they work better at night ..
  • do what suits you better
  • keep your body hydrated – even if you are not thirsty – you will feel energized
  • if you are struggling with a problem, think about it before you sleep .. there is a good chance that you will have some solution after you wake up the next day
  • don’t stuff yourself – keep your stomach a little empty – keep sipping water regularly
  • when you feel you need food , sometimes you just need water – drink some water
  • when you start a task , finish it completely before moving on to the next one – multi-tasking is not effective
  • research has proved that you need about 23 minutes to fully come back to the task that you were doing before you got interrupted
  • keep your table , desk , work area neat and tidy .. you should not waste time finding things
  • if you can keep the work area white , not have any colorful objects that can attract attention , keep things minimal , it will be great – this comes from steve jobs , ceo of apple

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