don’t live your life with regrets …

towards the end of your life .. you should not have any regrets .. the universal truth is that all of us are here on earth for a limited time ..make the most of them

a research was done by a nurse as to what to dying people regret the most and she wrote a book about it .. among the top regrets were as follows …

  • if only I spent a little more time with my family …
  • if only I had asked that person out , would my life by any different ..could that person would have been my spouse ?
  • maybe i should have taken that job in another country – it would have allowed me to travel more , broaden my horizons
  • why did i not start my own company …
  • what if I had pursued my hobbies and converted that to a career / full time job
  • what if this … what if that .. this is no way to live
  • what ever you want to do , do it now
  • take that vacation
  • start that company .. it is very easy these days
  • ask that person out for a cup of coffee .. what is the worst that can happen – they will say no .. at least you won’t have that regret later in life .. what if i had asked that person out ..
  • go to your favourite artist’s concert .. while they are still performing
  • read that book .. improve your life
  • read good books written by famous people – you get their entire life’s lessons in less than 10 hours of reading .. at practically zero cost ..

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