how the new generation is bringing attention to the climate issues …

if you have not heard of greta thurnberg , you must be living on some other planet

this swedish student organized bunking classes on fridays and protests in front of the government offices and urged fellow students to join her.

such has been the “greta” effect that people now think twice about flying and take the bus or the car instead – it is less polluting …

she was recently granted close to 100,000 us dollars for the right livelihood award .. she plans to donate it to environmental causes and she is only 17 years old

a lot of people are now questioning their company’s carbon footprint .. how much carbon-di-oxide do they release into the earth’s atmosphere ..

companies are slowly becoming aware of becoming carbon neutral – using renewable energy to power the company , using water re-cycling , rain water harvesting , smart appliances to conserve energy , getting away from fossil fuel and towards electricity for powering vehicles

if you have seen the stock price of tesla , the manufacturer of electric cars , your jaw would probably drop – it is now more valuable than toyota – the largest manufacturer of cars

there are environment and social governance bonds being issued and created to be used as a source of financing for companies

with people like greta and a few others , the future of earth seems to be in good hands

for instance , in bali , melati wijsen advocated plastic free living by 18 – here is the story

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