the power of meditation

a lot of experts agree that meditation improves a lot of areas of your life

  • work
  • personal relationships

how does meditation work ?

the most simple technique would be to sit in a comfortable position , with your back upright , close your eyes and concentrate on your breath – breathing in and out

since this is a very simple exercise , the mind will likely wander to other things – your shopping list , things at work , your kids parent teacher meeting – anything

let it wander – but bring it back to focus on the breathing

do this for 15 minutes to start with and then slowly increase it to 30 minutes

make it a daily practice – wake up early and do this first thing in the morning

experts agree that meditation increases our mental capacity to concentrate on one thing at a time and the tendency to multi-task goes away – leaving you more productive at work and happy with the personal relationships.

after meditation , the next activity should make you sweat – you could do any of the following

  • work out at the gym
  • aerobics , or similar activities that makes you move arms and legs
  • some light exercises

exercising releases endorphins , the feel good hormone and make you resistant to diseases

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