how to improve your creativity and problem solving skills …

the human brain is a very complex machine

if you want to solve a complex problem , you have to think about it a lot – as they say , sleep on it…

write down all your pending tasks , thoughts , to do lists on a piece of paper or a notepad on the computer so that the brain does not need to linger on it

this leaves your brain free for roaming around , you can examine the problem from all angles

sometimes it is best to think about the problem before sleeping .. somehow the brain works it’s magic and chances are you might have some solution the next morning

when sleeping , the brain is not doing anything – so your mind is free to wander and that is when ideas hit

ever notice that you get a lot of ideas in the shower ? this is because your mind is doing nothing in particular and is free to roam around

these days , it is very easy to get distracted with smart phones , tablets , and other devices – so people don’t actually let the mind wander around

practice this for a few days – when you go for a walk or when you grab your daily tea / coffee , leave your smartphone at the desk – just carry a small notepad and a pen in your pocket with you

you can bet the brain will get all sorts of ideas …

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