the only competition should be with yourself

are you better today than sometime back ? compare yourself with only yourself in the past

other things that can keep you happy and rested

  • invest in a good quality mattress – you will be spending close to 6 to 8 hours everyday . it is essential to get a good night’s sleep
  • drink less tea / coffee – less stimulants to the brain keep them free of radicals
  • get at least 30 minutes of exercise – it will give your brain good oxygen and keep you fit
  • read a book before sleeping – at least one chapter per day – will improve your knowledge
  • put away your laptop / tablet / phone away – one hour before your bedtime – the blue rays disturb your sleep – the social media will remain tomorrow also ..
  • one of the happiest countries in the world – bhutan – has a minimalist and simple lifestyle – there is no desire for needs – most people trust that friends or the king will take care of them in case of trouble .. they are happy that they have a nice family , a job and a house
  • stop worrying about the future and taking stress due to it .. the fears are unlikely to come true

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