is it time to go digital for movies ?

there was a time when you would go to see a movie with family / friends on the weekends , enjoy the movie with popcorn and soda etc.

today, with the corona virus , all these movie theatres have been shut . so what do the movie producers and studios do ?

they will have to think of something new – release the movie on the internet – via streaming services like netflix and others.

as they say in business , adapt or die.

it will be a win -win for both parties – since there is a cell phone for every adult

so they can watch the movie at home , while travelling or basically any place convenient. with smart televisions or devices like google chromecast , you can broadcast your phone on a bigger screen . microwave popcorn and soda at home are much cheaper as well .

with disney , apple and a host of other players entering the streaming market , it will be tough to gain market share .. content will still be the king though.

we expect a consolidation in the market – bigger players buying out smaller ones , even mega mergers like the acquisition of fox by disney for almost 70 billion us dollars.

there will be very few new physical movie theatres opening in the future , we think.

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