newspapers as pdf files in your inbox / whatsapp – the new normal ?

for the last few weeks , newspapers have been experimenting with a new model – the pdf format of the newspaper – delivered on the website – where people can download and read.

for the uninitiated , pdf is a portable document format from adobe , it just requires a reader software to be installed on the computer / mobile / tablet .

the results have been encouraging … people have adapted to this new model.

it’s good for the earth too – no paper needed for newspapers – even the recycled ones will not be needed.

TREES saved , more oxygen can be supplied to earth.

and for the newspapers – no more warehouses to store paper , ink , no more physical deliveries , no more vans , salaries saved for drivers , fuel saved . also saved will be the cost of renting the huge printing presses .

it will take a lot of newspaper delivery vehicles off the road , less traffic , less pollution , earth saved again.

since there is ONLY the initial cost of producing / creating a pdf and the distribution is free , the profit margins will go up .

Hence , newspapers and magazines , go for it !!

Innovation rocks !! Be nimble , be fast , try new things , fail fast , adapt , iterate!

Have a subscription cost – half the cost of your daily newspaper cost .. the money comes from advertisers anyway!

And as you move into the digital world , you will get a higher share of the digital advertising revenue .

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