where do great ideas come from ?

in japan , while digging for tunnels in mountains for the bullet trains , the engineers came across water . the engineers were very thirsty , so they drank some water . it was really tasty and sweet.

next thing we know – they started selling this water in a bottle.

travis kalanick was once in paris and could not find a cab. that is how he got the idea of a cab at the push of a button on the cell phone and founded uber , the ride hailing company.

where do these ideas come from ?

experts agree that if you have a problem and try to think about it for a long time and solve the small pieces , bit by bit and connect the dots , slowly the brain starts working on a solution.

the brain has various states – alpha waves , beta waves being the lowest frequency. At the alpha waves state , the brain is calm , free of all disturbances and relaxed. This is the state where the brain works at the best level – thinking , creativity , problem solving , etc

We have a course on how to attain this level .

If you go to international airports like frankfurt (germany) , heathrow (london) , you will hear pipe music .. it is relaxing music of a genre called smooth jazz . you can also achieve alpha waves by listening to this genre.

some artists are listed below

Peter White
Marc Antoine
Paul Hardcastle
Marion Meadows
Richard Elliott
Euge Groove
Yanni (this is fusion – not smooth jazz – but very energising music)
Chris Botti
Rick Braun
Third Force
Acoustic Alchemy
Jeff Kashiwa
Ottmar Liebert
Warren Hill
Greg Karukkas
Brian Culbertson
Brian Simpson
Andrea Bocelli ( this is an Italian opera singer )
Boney James

and many more

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