how to get customers with good customer service

it was the 1980’s in new york . the city was violent , cabs were shabby , had a bad reputation of unfriendly drivers. the cabs had a bullet proof partition between the passenger and the driver.

a person hailed a cab and he was pleasantly surprised. the cab was clean , it smelled nice , there were newspapers to read on the backseat and a car phone if calls were to be made . needless to say , the passenger was happy. during the chat , he found that the cabbie made more money in tips than he made in cab fares. the lesson here : be different , offer a better customer service and you will be rewarded .

another story ,this time in japan .

a journalist arrived in tokyo from from usa . on reaching the airport , he called up a number given by a colleague for a taxi company. soon , the cab driver was there.

for the duration of the stay , the same cab driver was available and took the journalist around , even acting as a tourist guide.

on the last day , the same cabbie drove the journalist back to the airport . the cabbie requested the journalist to use his taxi company the next time he was in tokyo.

upon boarding the flight , the journalist picked up the newspaper and read an article , there was a taxi strike going on all the time he was in tokyo.

such fierce loyalty to the company , working even when there is a strike , is what drove the journalist to this company next time .

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