here are some habits that can change your life …

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1. Skip the screen.

Everyone loses 37.5 minutes of working time each day just by looking at our phones. For each day, you can reduce 1-2 hours phone time. Switch off notifications, create phone-free spaces, track your screen time.

2. Give yourself deadlines.

Having a goal in mind when a task should be completed can greatly impact your day. Instead of never having a time in mind when something should be done, give yourself that timeline with a deadline.

3. Tackle the tough tasks first.

Research has found that taking on more difficult tasks before easier ones makes people more productive in the long run. Checking off an important task will make the rest of the day’s work seem much simpler.

4. Avoid multitasking.

Multi-tasking is like an octopus on roller skates: Lots of moving parts but going nowhere. One of the winning attributes of super successful people is having a single-minded focus.

5. Consume less, create more.

Instead of spending money on accumulating lots of things that fill up your home, to save that money towards creating experiences to fill up your memories.

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