habits to get a good return from life

time lapse photography of flowing waterfall

Try to share something you’ve created publicly every day. Your brand and your skills will start to see compound growth
over time.

Say this sentence every day: “I am grateful for —

Learn something new about someone you know every day. Make listening your superpower.

Give a genuine compliment at least once per day.

Automate and batch simple daily choices (what to eat, what to wear, etc.) . Making decisions constantly is exhausting.

If you love someone, tell them often. We never know how much time we have left.

Trim your to-do list down to the top 3 items each day. Bundle smaller tasks together.

Keep your workspace tidy at all times. A cluttered environment = a cluttered mind.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator/ escalator. Your heart will thank you.

Unfollow accounts that aren’t adding value to your life. Do the same with toxic people.

Get out in the sun as soon as you can after waking (even for just a minute).

Getting into the flow state every day. Google it if you don’t know.

At the end of each work session close all your tabs. If it’s a priority you wouldn’t have put it off.

Make sure breaks from your computer aren’t spent looking at your phone. Get away from the screens.

Plan fun events ahead of time. Having something you’re looking forward to can be a powerful motivator.

Say “no” if it doesn’t genuinely excite you.

Say something nice to yourself every day.

Drink water.

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