increase your confidence .. some steps

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1. Always know that everyone is as human as you are.

When you meet someone you look up to, you may always think that they are much better than you and feel discouraged to try and be like them.

Always remember that other people are no different from you.

They also have doubt about themselves and for sure that they are just like you at some point in their lives or careers.

2. Monitor your achievements.

Sometime life can hit you pretty hard to the point that it can ruin your self- confidence.

Get self-doubt out of your system by reminding yourself of the achievements you’ve had in the past. Keep a record of your winning moments on your phone or in a notebook, so you can easily remind yourself about those times.

3. Practice! Practice! Practice!

As cliche as it may sound, the best way to get rid of anxiety is to know that you are well prepared for the task ahead. You cannot discount the importance of practicing.

It can be an exam, a presentation, or a sport tournament. You can easily gear up for that nerve-wracking event by being more confident through preparation.

4. Feel more confident by getting fit and grooming properly.

Let’s face it, our looks are what people notice first about us, and it’s also what you first notice with other people too.

So always look your best and be fit so you can look good and feel confident about yourself.

5. Give yourself enough allowance for mistakes.

At times, You can be your own worst critic. While You give allowances for mistakes to the people surrounding You, You may be too contemptuous of your own mistakes.

Get rid of self-depreciation because it can hurt your confidence more than any criticism you get from other people.

6. Don’t get stuck in planning. Take action!

Although planning is also crucial, at some point, You need to execute those plans. The longer that these plans stay only inside your head, the more chances that self-doubt will kick in before you even start.

So don’t overthink it. Just take action, and the more times You do something, the more confidence You will get.

7. Believe in yourself.

It’s so easy to say, but many people have a hard time reaching success because deep down inside, they are not sure if their dreams can become a reality.

If you don’t believe in your dreams, it will be too easy for other people to talk you out of it.

8. Take risks and do it one step at a time.

Sometimes your own dreams can scare You.

The trick is for you to break down your dreams into smaller pieces so it won’t be too intimidating for you to pursue.

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