tips for appearing confident

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Walk faster. Throw your shoulders back, lift up your head, move ahead a little faster, and feel self-confidence grow.

Talk slowly. People who feel they aren’t worthy of being listened to tend to talk quickly. So ensure that you aren’t rushing.

Accomplish small goals. Try making your bed in the morning. You will feel accomplished and that will pave the way for achieving bigger goals.

Dress nicely. This may come across as cliche ,but when you dress nicely, you will most likely feel more confident.

Empower yourself with knowledge. Empowering yourself, in general, is one of the best strategies for building confidence.

Be a front seater. Ever notice in meetings how the back seats fill up first? The reason is lack of confidence

Practice making eye contact.

Practice speaking up at every meeting. When you are in a meeting. speak, comment, make a suggestion, ask a question.

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