some financial tips from experts

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Do not buy cheap items like earphones, electronic devices etc. to save money.

Pay yourself first after getting salary, then spend on other things.

Be sure to track unnecessary expenses and ask at the end of the month where and why you spent.

Make a monthly budget, If possible, divide it into weekly expenses.

There must be an emergency fund of four to five months for the salaried people.

Health insurance/life insurance should be the priority of your life.

Get financial education before investing money. After that invest.

Study about the area in which you do not have knowledge before stepping into that area and spend enough time after that to take the step.

Do take small risks, it makes you confident and strong.

Do not spend before earning such as any product purchased through EMI, loan, credit card, or installment.

Before shopping in big marts , prepare a list of essential items and do not take any product other than that. Many times we think we are buying cheap things and saving money but in reality, we are spending more money.

Every time the sellers are searching for you, what should be sold to you, they are checking each and every detail of yours, be aware of this.

Never forget this line: Spend less than you earn, invest what you save, and Be patient.

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