how to become a high value person

photo of highway during golden hour

1. Be independent.

Make decisions for yourself and do not follow the opinions or actions of others.

2. Have a strong sense of self. 

Have a clear sense of who you are and what you stand for.

3. Be introspective.

Spend time reflecting on your thoughts and emotions and have a deep understanding of yourself.

4. Be self-sufficient.

Be capable of taking care of yourself and do not rely on others for support.

5. Prefer solitude.

Enjoy spending time alone and find it more fulfilling than being with others.

6. Have a small circle.

Have a few close friends or family members and do not rely on the need for a large social network.

7. Be a deep thinker.

Enjoy exploring ideas and concepts and be comfortable contemplating complex topics.

8. Be self-reliant.

Do not seek validation from others and be comfortable relying on yourself.

9. Be creative.

Have a unique perspective and approach to life and be confident going against the crowd.

10. Be non-conformist.

Do not conform to societal norms or expectations and march to the beat of your drum

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