some life hacks ..

aerial view of a beautiful island resort

1. Show up daily irrespective of how you feel.

2. Wake up early.

3. Tackle high-value tasks before 12 pm.

4. Eliminate seed oils and alcohol.

5. Drink more water.

6. Hit the gym 5x every week.

7. Stop watching the mainstream media.

8. Create multiple pieces of content.

9. Sacrifice all the sources of instant gratification.

10. Question your beliefs.

11. Practice intermittent fasting once a week.

12. Spend more time in nature.

13. Get sunlight every day.

14. Walk 30 minutes a day.

15. Read 30 minutes a day.

16. Invest at least 30% of your income.

17. Move out of your hometown.

18. Get 7-8 hours of sleep.

19. Develop a high-quality circle.

20. Give back to society.

21. Call your loved ones.

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