cut these timewasters from your life

alarm clock lying on multicolored surface

Working for someone else: You are not going to get paid the most amount of money working for someone else. You need to use your free time to figure out how to get more time. Your job will never pay you as much as you can pay yourself.

Browsing the internet without purpose: If you are mindlessly consuming Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube, or Quora, you are not learning anything valuable. If you are proactively limiting information and following specific people, you are growing with them.

Taking every meeting and phone call: Do you really need to be in this meeting or call right now? Instead of a meeting, ask for an email. Instead of a call, ask for a text. Read and respond when is most convenient for you. Consider not responding so you don’t get 2 emails back.

News and TV: Watching the news is like watching a highlight reel of disasters and disagreements. News stories are rarely uplifting. News tries to shock you to continue watching. You can read information faster than you can watch information when you want it.

Fast Food: Does fast food save time? In the short term, yes. In the long-term? No. Your body has to deal with the consequences of what you eat. Fast food eats time. Slow food saves time. Without your health, you’re out of time.

Trade money for time, not time for money. You are going to run out of time first.

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