how to get promoted faster in your career – communicating correctly

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Don’t say: “I’m an excellent communicator.”

What to say instead: “In the past, I’ve been noticed for getting team members to communicate more efficiently. I set up a messaging system between our customer service teams and software engineers to fix website issues quicker.”

Don’t say: “I have strong organization skills.”

What to say instead: “In my last performance review, my manager pointed out how impressed she was by my ability to stay on top of several projects and team deadlines. And many of the senior leaders advocated for my promotion because of a product management workflow that I implemented.”

Don’t say: “I’m good in a crisis.”

What to say instead: “My colleagues would always comment on my ability to put together an effective crisis response plan, because I know how to stay calm and focused. Once, my coworker’s clients complained about a website issue. They threatened to cancel their accounts if it wasn’t resolved ASAP. I was the first person she called, and we came up with a plan that eased her clients’ concerns.”

Don’t say: “People feel comfortable around me.”

What to say instead: “I’ve developed a reputation of being a great boss, thanks to my collaboration skills. I hosted a lunch-and-learn session for my customer service team to learn more about our website from the software developers. It was such a success that our design team asked to join the next one.”

Don’t say: “I have great networking skills.”

What to say instead: “I have close friends who have stayed with me throughout life. I always try to make sure they feel valued and seen. I use the same skills to make genuine and lasting relationships with my clients. Many of them have even followed me after I switched companies.”

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