smart questions to ask during a job interview

person holding white and blue business paper

“I want to make sure I align myself with what success looks like here. What are the top three traits your best performers display, day in and day out, at this company?”

this demonstrates that you are a go getter , someone who wants to learn from what skills will help you excel in a role

At the end of the interview, once you’ve run through all of your questions, you should conclude the conversation with a 30-second elevator pitch that sells the hiring manager on why you’re a perfect fit for the role

He recommends the following script to introduce your pitch:

“I don’t have any other questions, but if I could say this humbly, here’s why you should hire me.”

This tactic is so effective because it gets to the crux of what every interviewer wants to know: Are you the best person for this job?

Ultimately, the secret to acing any job interview is simple, he adds: “You need to sell yourself from the heart.”

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