some lessons of life , as per an expert

clear blue shore

Get things done when you’re still young with a lot of energy.

Time is wealth, never spend it on fruitless things.

Know when to say thank you and sorry.

Health is wealth. Never sacrifice it for anything else.

Life is beautiful and difficult. Keep positive mental strength and be prepared for the worse.

Figure out things that give you genuine happiness and spend your life doing them.

Don’t live life because you want people to remember you, Live so you can be happy you came to the world in the first place.

Learn, laugh, and love.

Make every moment count, you never know which is the last.

Celebrate little progress, it motivates you to get your bigger goals.

Believe in your ability to do great things and give yourself massive support. The world doesn’t support people with no confidence.

Don’t be ashamed of your hustle, nobody is willing to give you free money.

Don’t be judgemental, you may not even be correct about life.

Live without fear, or else you may end up miserable.

Live a life filled with little regrets.

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