bitcoin and other crypto currencies are soaring again , what could be the reason – the imminent crash of the us dollar – a mega crash of the currency ?

ripple etehereum and bitcoin and micro sdhc card

crypto currencies like bitcoin , dogecoin , ethereum , cardano are back to soaring against the us dollar

they started moving up in jan 2023 and after a brief pause , they have started their move up

so what could be the reason ? an imminent crash of the us dollar – the reserve currency or more acceptance of these currencies ?

there was a famous battle between peter thiel , the venture capitalist , and warren buffet ( who does not like crypto ) – peter thiel went to call warren buffet a sociopath grandpa 🙂 ( you can google it )

other enemies of crypto are ceo of jp morgan chase – jamie dimon and larry fink – the ceo of blackrock

rich dad poor dad author robert kiyosaki has also called the collapse of us dollar imminent and says a big depression / crash is coming soon – ( 2024 / 2025 ) – he prefers gold , silver and crypto ..

this is just a speculation : what do the insiders know ?

is china announcing global conversion of it’s currency , maybe even a digital yuan with global compability in the coming years ?

that would make dollar take a second seat – make it even redundant even …

is this what the spy balloon wars are all about ?

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