why is crypto fraud so much in the news these days ?

round silver and gold coins

there is only one reason – someone is paying them to print articles about crypto fraud

but the question to ask is – who loses out the most with crypto currencies ?

that is right – the central banks – they lose their power to print money out of thin air

there is a limited amount of crypto – so if the demand goes up , the price goes up

where as with fiat money ( paper money – central bank ) – there is no limit on how these people can print

they suppress gold so that the real inflation is not known – gold should be at least 5000 dollars an ounce now with 51 years of paper/ fiat currency printing – where it is around 1900 dollars an ounce

earlier these central banks used to sell physical gold to keep it down

but then they invented gold futures – a legal way to print unlimited gold paper contracts – they borrow money from central banks and short them at will , price spoofing is rampant

the method of marketing / scaring you is called – fear , uncertainty and doubt ( FUD )

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