how reliable are the usa government payroll numbers ?


here is a link to the job numbers in january 2023 : link

here are just the layoff numbers from dec 2022 and jan 2023

amazon : 18,000

microsoft : 10,000

google : 12,000

facebook : 11,000

goldman sachs : 3,200 and then another 3,000

salesforce : numbers not known

twitter : 50 % of the workforce

with the inflation slowly coming down , how can the job count be up so much ?

something is fishy – these numbers look to be made up..

are democrats worried about losing their seats in the next elections ?

are these job creation numbers even real ?

have come to know of several students who have gone to us for higher studies , could not find a job even after 2 years and had to leave the country

the rosy picture is being circulated since they need external ( read your ) money to run their economy

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