is a ceo’s salary ( 40 times the average worker’s salary ) still justified ?

macbook pro on brown wooden table

an average ceo makes 40 times the average worker plus the stocks , grants and options

with the layoffs happening everywhere ( due to a lack of vision of these ceos ) , are the high salaries still justified ?

facebook / meta : 11,000 jobs cut

microsoft : 10,000 laid off

google : 12,000 laid off

amazon : 18,000 fired

spotify : 6 % of the work force

twitter : 50 % of the work force

salesforce , goldman sachs and others too cut jobs

the vision of the company is set by the top brass – so are the high salaries for them still justified ?

google’s employees are now questioning the high salary of it’s ceo – 200 million us dollars per year – and why he is not being fired by the board ?

how to find a good ceo

one who is not insecure

encourages and has good ideas

does not play politics

comes up on merit

they build a good leadership team that takes care of it’s people

employees quit their bosses , not the company – so teach bosses people management skills

eg steve jobs of apple

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