is usa still the country to go to for study / work ?

camera and stationery surrounding map of usa

layoff season is here ( 2022 – 2023 )

meta/ facebook lays off 11,000 people

microsoft fires 10,000 people

twitter fires half it’s staff

amazon : 18,000 laid off

still want to work / study in usa ?

gun violence rampant – shootings all over the country – here is a link to one of them : news here

abortion rights from women taken away – roe v/s wade overturned

visa fees hiked sharply

visa rejections up

wait upto 3 months for a visa interview

parts of new york smell like urine now

an infrastructure that is crumbling – bridges collapsing , roads have potholes

looks like the country wants immigrants and is using their visa offices for money and is using immigrants to run the economy

currency depreciation happening , inflation going up , prices of eggs up 3 times from 1 year ago

welcome to usa , the next hyperinflation country

what is hyperinflation ? please read zimbabwe’s history for effects and causes

just look at the charts of all crypto currencies against the us dollar since Jan 1 2023 and you will see that they are shooting up

insiders know something

printing money and sending it to the war in ukraine ?

with the high inflation , the federal reserve raises rates on everything from home loans , car loans , education loans to credit cards

so basically the tax payers are paying for the war in ukraine – who is benefitting the most – you guessed it – the weapons manufacturers !!

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