why do central banks try to suppress the price of gold ?

gold bars

gold can cause central bankers to lose their jobs ..

gold shows the value of real inflation – and the government inflation numbers are manipulated / fake

they take some components that don’t change that much and don’t include the ones that shoot up a lot

in more recent times , the war between ukraine and russia caused energy prices , food prices to shoot up but gold did not move up that much .. you must wonder why ?

traditional thinking says that during war and high inflation times , gold shoots up , but not this time – why – because it was suppressed ..

central banks provide money to large banks like jp morgan , bank of america , etc who short the precious metals and keep the prices artificially low ( they are called bullion banks )

jp morgan got fined 920 million dollars for price suppression – called spoofing

inflation causes things to become more expensive , businesses profit increases ( while the raw materials cost remain the same ) , the businesses then give government a small share of their profits , corruption everywhere ..

banks decide the rate of interest for everything from credit cards , home loans , car loans , education loans and they manipulate everything – the whole system reeks of corruption

here is an old video of a senate hearing watch

there is an interesting movie : gold and dollar / end of the road – how money became worthless – you can watch it : here

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