what is the federal reserve bank of usa ?

american flag with rolled dollar bills

the federal reserve bank of usa , a very government sounding name – is actually a private bank – having jp morgan chase bank as one of it’s shareholders .

so , now you know why they get away with so many things – for instance .. shorting silver with federal money – are they in co-hoots with the government to suppress the price of gold and silver ? one should wonder

they short precious metals – make profits in the billions and pay a small fine in the millions – what an eyewash !! What is the cftc doing ?

The trade for large bullion banks since 2008 has been .. short paper silver .. buy physical silver at that low price and keep accumulating ..

Did you know that jp morgan bank is the largest holder of physical silver ?

What do the banks know ? Is gold standard coming back to usa ?

the tag line should be ‘diluting money since 1912 ‘ – since the bank was formed in 1900’s

jp morgan had himself said – gold is real money – everything else is debt

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