why are the crypto currencies going up against the us dollar since oct 25 2022 ?

ripple etehereum and bitcoin and micro sdhc card

what was the trigger that caused an uptick in the cryptocurrencies against the us dollar ?

is there a de-evaluation happening of the us dollar ?

or is it that the world is getting tired of the currency control by central banks and wants to go with de-centralization ?

fiat currency ( i.e paper currency ) can be printed at anytime and in any quantity by the central banks and it results in inflation – increasing prices of everything – taking money out of the common person’s pocket and putting into government’s hands

but with crypto currencies – there is only a limited quantity – you cannot create more tokens – hence the price goes up when the demand goes up

since oct 25 2022 , this is what is happening – they have been talking about crypto-winter – looks like the winter is over and spring is arriving in the cryptocurrency world.

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