the various types of bosses – which one do you have / are you ?

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there is an expression – people join companies , they quit their bosses

the boss types can be categorized broadly into the following types :

grinder boss : works hard constantly , expects you to do the same – but if you don’t , you can come across as a below par performer

motivator boss – pat you on the back when you do good , help you when you are struggling , always offer you support when you need it

ghost boss – the boss who is never around , never is upto date on the team’s work and are not available when their people need them

narcissist boss – they only worry about themselves and what makes them feel good

want to be your best friend forever boss – they prioritize making friends over leading the team

accountable but caring boss – the best bosses balance being caring and accountable , give you honest feedback about work – good or bad

volcano boss – they just blow up when they are not satisfied with the employee performance

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