the future of gold prices

three gold bars against dark background

in the year 1969 – the price of gold in india was around Rs 176 per 10 grams

in the year 2010 – the price of gold in india was around Rs 18,000 per 10 grams

fast forward to the year 2022 , the price of gold in india is around 50,500 per 10 grams

so what is the future of gold ?

with the us currency becoming strong against the indian currency , this is likely to cause gold to move up

you don’t have to buy physical gold anymore – you can buy gold in demat form

sovereign gold bond – this scheme keeps opening from time to time – pays an interest of 2.5 % more than the appreciation of gold – holding period .. 8 years

you can buy gold etf as well – gold exchange traded fund – like reliance gold , axis gold – there are other schemes in the national stock exchange ( NSE )

you can always buy shares of gold jewellery companies like kalyan jewellers , pc jewellers , etc

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