how to avoid burnout in today’s work culture

foggy lake

in these days of cost reduction and outsourcing , it is quite common for one person doing the job of two people .. this can lead to burnout

to avoid it- manage the team better – hold regular work load distribution meetings to avoid giving too much work to one person

one needs to learn proper time management , work load management and team management and also have the ability to say NO

having a collaborative team environment where people help each other instead of compete with one another also helps

people leading the team need to realize if the team is short-staffed and needs more people

they need to see if employees are skipping meals , working weekends and long hours – they need to get rid of such toxic work culture

taking periodic breaks from work – say a 15 min break after completing a task of 1 to 2 hours , going for a small walk to recharge your batteries , will help

take a nature break every three months to keep yourself refreshed

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