a new course on starting and running your own business is now available …at an affordable cost

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a new course is now available on starting and running your own business .. click here to buy


  • this course deals with the nitty gritty of starting and running your own business
  • starting with the idea of the business — what kind of business do you want to run
  • marketing and advertising online for your business
  • operations – how to run your business
  • how to grow and scale your business – get the systems going so that the business can run without you .. products make you money but systems make you rich
  • growing beyond your dreams – the various models – franchising , syndication
  • measure the various critical points of the business ( what gets measured gets managed – peter drucker )
  • plan the exit strategy – selling out to a bigger player , going public .. always plan the exit before the entry

cost :

uk pounds50

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